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Downgrading RubyMotion

Posted in Software Development by Daniel Ribeiro on May 31, 2013


RubyMotion is a great way of writing native iPhone apps using Ruby rather than good old Objective-C.

The excitement around it has not stopped at 37 signals’ post about Why I loved building Basecamp for iPhone in RubyMotion: many libraries creating very convenient APIs for doing all sorts of things were created. A non exhaustive list include BubbleWrap, Teacup, Futuristic, Motion-Xray.

As with any new piece of fast moving and new technology, deprecation moves fast. Recently I found myself picking up a open source library that was very useful, but did not keep-up with the platform’s pace, and therefore it would no longer build with the latest version of RubyMotion (which was a major number upgrade to version 2). Needing to build the original app in a few hours, I looked into how to downgrade my RubyMotion version.

I could not find anywhere how to do it, but thankfully RubyMotion’s support was quick to help me with it:

$ sudo motion update --force-version=1.35

And that was it. Back to having a lots of fun with IOs development.

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